Schedule A Hunt : About Membership

At Knobbhill, we are proud to offer membership packages that can be tailored to your preference.


Our most basic package at $5000 allows you to harvest 2 exotic bucks over a period of 5 days with lodging and guide fees included. This package is is offered for exotics only. If a member wants a whitetail membership there will be a $1000 surcharge for 2 130-150 class whitetail bucks. The total for this membership is $6000.


Benefits of Membership


• $1775.00 Savings Depending on Package

• No Camp Fees or Dues

• 1 Guaranteed Guide is provided at no extra cost

• Cleaning & Skinning is provided by Guides

• Up to 2 Hunters is allowed per membership

• Unlimited Fishing for Members in Stocked Pond near camp ground

• 5 days/ 10 hunts on 1,000 acres of high-fenced land.


A total of 2 exotic bucks may be harvested per membership. The exotic bucks are axis, fallow, sika and blackbuck. A member may harvest any combination of the listed animals mentioned. If a member wants a red stagg, only 1 red stagg buck may be harvested under this membership. Call (337) 303-7045 for our whitetail memberships. We cannot guarantee all allotted animals will be harvested by a member during the term of the lease. If the member wounds a deer, it will be deducted from the allotted list of animals the member has reserved.


As part of your membership agreement , all 5 days and all allotted animals must be harvested by October 1st of the following year. This date is considered the first day of what we consider the peak of hunting season (October 1st-March 31st) at Knobbhill Hunting Lodge.


For example, if a member signs a membership agreement on November 1st of 2011 then the membership agreement expires on October 1st of 2012. Likewise, if a member signs a Membership agreement on January 1st of 2012 then the membership agreement expires on October 1st of 2012.


Members can switch weekend or weekdays with other parties.  There will be an updated calendar that shows all the members weekends and weekdays scheduled. If the 2 parties agree to switch, then a call must be made to a Knobbhill Hunting representative so that updates can be posted on the updated member’s calendar.  We will have all the weekends scheduled by groups, with email contacts, and phone number listings of all the members as well as Knobbhill Farms representatives.


A member should only invite guests that he/she can trust. Remember that it is up to the member to help educate their guest because the member will be responsible for the harvested animal. Also, only one guide can be guaranteed per membership, so the more guests invited, the higher the chance a deer could be wounded. A guide should always be informed of what the guest intends to shoot before leaving the camp grounds.