About Knobbhill : Hunting

All hunting trips are to be scheduled in advance, preferably a month ahead of time, but exceptions may be made according to availability of lodging. Deposits of $100 per person are required. Cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance or the trip may be rescheduled without the deposit being lost. There will be a $50 hunting fee charged, but if a kill is made, it will be included in the animal fee.  Arrangements can be made for the processing of the kill (Per or Post).


All hunts will be guided for the benefit and safety of the hunter. All hunters must obey Louisiana State Law and wear hunters orange required by Louisiana state law. All fees include transportation to and from stands and processing of animal.


Hunters have the option of bringing 4 wheelers or small transportation vehicles. However, transportation around the facilities will be provided for members and guests.


Knobbhill Hunting is responsible for hunting stands, feeders and transportation around the facilities. There are no outside stands allowed on property, including climbing stands.


Hunters will be charged full price for wounded animals.  This can be done through a cash/check transaction, or an animal deducted from the allotted list of animals the member has reserved. If a guest happens to wound an animal that is not found, then the member will be charged for the harvested animal.  Obviously, these situations are not good for the farm or member, so be sure to sight in your rifle and know the animals you’re shooting.


The only hunting weapons allowed on the premises are bows, muzzle loaders and rifles. We follow Louisiana Wildlife Laws. Our exotics are hunted year round but whitetail follow hunting seasons set by the Louisiana Wildlife.